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Video Tutorials – what would you like to see.

July 3, 2013

I am working on putting together a few more lab based video clips to help you budding cosmetic chemist types make more and more exciting stuff.  However,  as my brain is a bit weird and overly nerdy in the science department I do sometimes wonder if they will be interesting enough.

My natural style is a bit crazy professor meets lame mummy comedian meets chaos fairy so that’s as clear as mud and non-negotiable (I can’t afford a personality upgrade) but the content is up for grabs.
So guys, what type of Realize Beauty video tutorial would you like to see (keep it clean, this is a family show)?

Do you use video tutorials now for your R&D work?

Do you even care?

I really do appreciate your feedback and will send a signed copy of my coffee table book Amongst Sisters to the most constructive opinion offered (as chosen by my panel of 4 Realize Beauty team members). You will also see your videos made and dedicated to you and/ or your brand or service so it could really be worth your time.

Please leave your comments below – closing date 24th July so you have three weeks!

In the meantime please sit back and enjoy the work of my 9-year-old who decided that she was going to become a You Tube make-up tutorial sensation!

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  1. Ellen permalink
    July 3, 2013 4:04 pm

    I would love to learn how to make the foamy bath butter base everyone is talking about! It makes me feel more satisfied of my product when I make the whole lot from scratch rather than a base :-).

    • RealizeBeautyEd permalink
      July 3, 2013 6:00 pm

      Now that sounds interesting. I haven’t come across that – have you got an example as I’m sure I could whip some up – it usually involves a bit of air and all that magic 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. July 3, 2013 9:47 pm

    Your daughter is so cute/funny… the part where the lipstick breaks!

    • RealizeBeautyEd permalink
      July 3, 2013 10:04 pm

      and I had no idea that she was going to do that AND she stole some of my stuff! Crazy thing 🙂

      • July 3, 2013 10:35 pm

        Haha she’s very adorable 🙂 plus she broke your lipstick lol. She’s will be a star!

  3. Ellen permalink
    July 4, 2013 10:59 am

    Brambleberry have it here: and Aussie soap has it here: I keep seeing people making it, and I’m just not sure what it is, I’ve done a massive google search but have come up with only recipes when using it. I saw someone on a forum say it was a whipped liquid soap?? It would be awesome to make 🙂

  4. July 8, 2013 5:06 am

    I just discovered your blog so I am not to sure yet about what it is you actually do, so just go ahead and surprise me 😀

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