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Business 101: Money Make-Over

March 18, 2014

It has been a busy month here at Realize Beauty HQ and one where I have to admit to feeling more than a little overwhelmed at times.  My problem (if it is a problem) is that like many of my clients I run a successful business from home surrounded by the fun that is family, pets and craziness and the last three weeks have been pretty full on!  While a part of me has surrendered (don’t like that word so you can already see where this is heading….) to the fact that my business won’t be my sole focus until the children have grown up some more (they are 10 and nearly 13) the other part of me wants to just ride the wave of business fun and success.  Come night time having one foot on that metaphorical surf board leads to some interesting dreams I can tell you……..

Anyway, there is nothing like having your own business to open up the can of worms that is your head.  I’ve found that the most interesting and rewarding part of being a business owner – not least because it has also been the most challenging and I love a good challenge.  One of my own personal hurdles has been what I shall refer to as the ‘Money Issue’.   I don’t have a problem valuing my time, charging for services and paying bills but what have had problems with is how I sometimes feel when I think about money.   I am not sure when it started but I have experienced periods of time when my heart starts to race when I merely think about looking at my bank balance to work out what is what.  Clearly a sign that something was wrong I started looking for solutions and found the Money Make-Over workshop.

I have worked with hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programmer Linda Campbell before and found her approach resonates strongly with me and so when I learned that she had put together a one-day workshop focused on manifesting better money relationships I just had to find out more.

The money make-over workshop centres around the idea (or reality – you choose) that this thing called money that modern society worships so strongly is nothing more or less than an exchange of energy. We give this energy meaning and the meaning that we give it comes from a whole host of places including our past experiences, our personality and our societies values.  I have found delving into this a little more very interesting, not least because I am always talking about how the chemistry that I used is nothing until it is applied and that it is in the application that things really come to life.  This is why you can have the same formula as someone else and one be awesome and the other a failure.  The energy, intent and understanding that goes on in between the layers of the formula matter as it seems to with money.

So, I took part in this one-day workshop yesterday and am still in the excited haze that exists when you find you have been handed new resources to tackle an old problem.  I look forward to working my way through this new information and implementing a few changes within my attitude to money with the aim to create greater wealth to forward my education, allow me to share more of my findings, carry out more interesting work and to better support my family.

I am already feeling the benefits of this energy shift and felt that if it worked a bit for me it might just help you too.

Feel free to check out Linda’s website:


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