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Let me take a selfie.

March 26, 2014

If you are lucky enough to share your life with a pre-teen, teen or Gen Y’er (or maybe you are one, lucky thing….)  you would have noticed how much time these crazy kids spend looking down the barrel of an I Phone or equivalent with a duck face pout.  Generation selfie has arrived and sporned what I like to call OCS or Obsessive Compulsive Selfie Disorder.

There is even a song dedicated to this art (?) which only serves to highlight to oldies like me how vacuous the selfie culture can be at times.  Look at MEEEEEEEEEEEE.

But stop right there, Selfies can be used for GOOD and not just EVIL?

So it seems. For the last two weeks my Facebook page has been brightened up by a steady stream of beautiful faces sans make-up to raise money for the Cancer Council.  This is pure marketing genius – turn something that everyone loves to do but may feel a little self-indulgent, vain or awkward about into something that makes money for charity and BOOM you quickly amass nearly 2 Million English Pounds worth of donations.

And it doesn’t stop there,  Australia has now got on the virtual band wagon and donations here topped $47,000 yesterday which is fantastic news. Follow the link here to upload your selfie and donate to the Cancer Council.

Being a serious chemist in the very serious and important world-wide beauty industry I think about looks all of the time and work hard to make sure my customers get products that help them make everyone more beautiful everyday.  That said I do believe that our physical beauty (or otherwise) is less important than our inner beauty and that while selfies can be fun or even money-raising in my humble opinion they should never be EVERYTHING.

I already had my make-up on today and can’t be bothered to take it off so I hope this suffices to get my point about selfies across.  Take them, give money then move on and focus on being amazing.






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