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There’s no lead in your pencil dude but wait, let’s check the lippy

April 1, 2014

Another day another scandal.

That is EXACTLY what it feels like working with one foot in and one foot outside of this thing called the cosmetics industry (my space is in bridging the gap between the them and us. I am a diplomatic peace corp unless I’m angry, then I’m inclined to throw my hands in the air and cry Mea Culpa but that’s another story)…..

OK so today we have the Campaign for Scaring the Pants off you (IE Campaign for Safe Cosmetics) rehashing their ‘get the lead out of my lipstick’ campaign to raleigh the troupes.

But wait, now they are opting for a much easier tag line of ‘just get the chemicals out’

Fair point. I love spending my money on nothing.

Nothing feels as good as nothing.

I have always thought I looked best in nothing………..


Well I have just one thing to add.

Check your natural extracts.

Check your minerals.

Check your botanical actives.

I bet you find a trace bit of lead there too.






For it.

You can’t prove a negative so it will never be possible to prove that there is absolutely no lead in your blooming lipstick and as for the ‘no chemicals’ baloney.

With all due respect I say ‘good luck with that’.

Amanda x

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