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April 9, 2014

Hello readers and welcome to the launch of the Realize Beauty Blue Sky R&D Club!

Blue Sky Club

Here at Realize Beauty HQ business things are evolving and today we want to introduce you to the Realize Beauty Blue Sky R&D club – your virtual R&D team!

We are constantly evaluating how we can best service the needs of our clients both large and small and after much deliberation and research all roads lead to support – you guys want more support and access to professional advice in an affordable and accessible way.

I have always been a firm believer in spreading the love and sharing much of what I do hence the blog but I can only take that so far.

Once you have read an article and got those creative juices flowing or cogs turning then what?  Well, that  is where the Blue Sky Club comes in, this private club will be the space for me to share some of my more in-depth research, the contacts that I deal with, the technical papers that I find useful,  costing models for formulations,  in-depth information on new ingredients I am trialling and formulation tips and tricks.  I will also be available to answer your specific questions privately and mentor you through some of your R&D challenges.

Blue Sky Club members will also get access to our exclusive members only Linked In group where you can network with others in your industry, discuss topics such as market trends,  distribution,  legislation changes and more.

Finally for those signing up for a years subscription there is an opportunity for a  one-on-one web meeting plus discounts off our other services to help you stretch your R&D budget further.

I’m sure that over the coming months the club will grow and develop to become an integral member of your R&D team and I’m really looking forward to that.

This blog will keep on running but will focus on tackling cosmetic issues from the  layman’s perspective while the Blue Sky club will talk to the needs of you as Industry Professionals.

Check out our website for our sign up form and a little more information on the details of this fabulous new business service.

We really look forward to working with you

Amanda x

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