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Blue Sky Club Has Launched Today!

July 4, 2014

I have some very exciting news to share with you, my Realize Beauty blog followers.  As many of you know  my cosmetic chemistry consultancy is now into its seventh year and while it has been growing from strength to strength I have noticed that there was a gap in my services that I wasn’t addressing.  I come across many brand owners who are head-down-bottom-up involved in their businesses and just don’t have time to look above the desk and find help with the little things that crop up on a daily basis when running a brand.  These little things niggle away and grow into bigger problems or missed opportunities if left unattended and that is why I launched the Blue Sky Club.

Blue Sky Membership Benefits

Blue Sky is for business minded brand owners who need an extra set of eyes to look over their technical marketing, formulations, ingredient options and/ or supply chain decisions.  It has been designed to be an affordable option for those wanting a Technical Director but who either can’t afford or understand how to manage one – I have a post outlining what a technical director does here.  But not only that,  our Blue Sky Club is a space where real science can happen – together we can try out new ingredients, Micro test formulations, run stability trials and investigate new markets while sharing the costs and the outcomes to improve our collective understanding.

I am really excited about the club and am looking forward to working with club members over the coming months and years.  The club is open to all brand owners who are serious about moving their brand forwards and connecting with other like-minded people.

Check out our website for more information and maybe we will see you in our Blue Sky Club Lounge!

Amanda x


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