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I Like Getting Older (including the way it looks).

July 4, 2014

OK so I work in the beauty industry, make anti-ageing products and am always happy to help people find ingredients and products that will help them achieve the visual effects they are looking for but do you know what?  As I get closer and closer to the big 40 I am enjoying looking older.  Well, at least I am at the moment – I reserve the right to change my mind 🙂

Is that weird?

Is it strange that I am not reaching for the dye now that I see silver streaks of brilliance racing through my hair?

That while I do sometimes catch myself looking in the mirror and mourning the passing of my peachy taught skin and unwrinkled brow I also find myself smiling and saying ‘thank you’.  Not everyone grows old.

And growing old is something that I feel I am doing.  I am growing as a person (for good and bad),  as a professional,  a creative soul and a member of society.  Growing into myself, my power.

I feel grateful that as a woman I feel able to stand up and say ‘no thanks’ to the fear that so often creeps up and robs the sparkle from our thirty-something-turning-fourty-something eyes.  I feel happy that I am able to find as much joy, anticipation and delight in where I am going rather than mourning what I have left behind.  But at the same time I am aware of what a privilege this is, life and time have been relatively kind and I am grateful.

I wanted to share those thoughts with you after reading through this article shared by the lovely Amanda Fisher of ethical clothing company Bachhara.

White hair

My dream is that one day we can all feel good about ourselves and our looks, good enough to celebrate them, cleanse them, decorate them and protect them with the most beautiful, wholesome, sustainable and safe ingredients we can possibly find.

I am not against covering grey hair, botox, fillers, facelifts or shaving, far from it – these things can all help us communicate who we are and what matters to us.  What I am against is the notion that we are worth less if we don’t comply.  That is based on fear and there is no room for fear in my busy, crazy, beautiful life!

Amanda x




3 Comments leave one →
  1. skincareinspirations permalink
    July 5, 2014 1:50 am

    Thanks for sharing, Amanda. I actually thing the same way, well at least most of the time. I am 38 and really enjoy my life and myself! :-))

    • RealizeBeautyEd permalink*
      July 5, 2014 8:38 am

      It’s such a good feeling isn’t it? Glad you feel it too.

  2. July 16, 2014 5:20 pm

    growing old is not a problem for me, i can more understand myself and more wise in everything, thankyou for share again… ;-D

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