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Just because I’m a scientist doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.

August 30, 2014

I like science, I am a qualified scientist that ‘does’ science and sometimes I even get called the science lady by small children which I find quite charming.

But that doesn’t mean I am incapable of believing anything that doesn’t come with experimental data, meta analysis and ‘white coat’ logic.  There is more to life than that.

I often watch in disbelief as the scientific expert (sometimes strongly atheist which often (but not always) adds to the arrogance in their tone and by saying that doesn’t make me automatically a theist more, it makes me someone who also sees the ‘A’ in atheist as ‘asshole’ at times and that is also sad as I don’t want to feel that way about any group of people)  dismisses out of hand thousands of years worth of human experience and feeling because it wasn’t peer-reviewed by someone in the science club.

It makes me quite sad.

I saw this Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense doing the Facebook rounds recently and that made me feel a little sad for a minute too.  It is meant as a joke and I am fine with it on that level but on another level it is highly telling and makes me wonder if  the community that chuckles along with this going ‘yes, yes, total bull isn’t it’  have any humanity at all.

Image from the Blog of Crispian Jago

Science is a process or way of thinking that helps us find out more about the world.   I experience things every day that I would struggle to find answers to scientifically because as a  human I am more than just a series of controlled experiments.  Us humans have feelings, we are perceptive, we are social yet capable of being completely solitary, we are highly adaptive and passionate.  In short while we are sometimes predictable, often understandable (on one level) we, as humans do not come with a manual:  ‘how to be a human’. Before fellow scientists jump down my throat and say ‘well science can be all of that too’  I know, that’s how I do it.

Far too often in my opinion science tries to deny the sensual – the world of our senses.  Our second brain is something that the white coats (people otherwise known as scientists) are just ‘discovering’ – our guts.  I watched a documentary about out gut bacteria the other day and screwed up my face when one of the prominent scientists proudly admitted to once thinking that all this talk about gut bacteria being important and having to be in balance was a load of old nonsense.  Now that he’s taken a closer look he has changed his mind……

The saying ‘I have a gut feeling about that’ could be on the above chart as pseudoscience as stuff like that is hard to control or design experimentally.   I find it amusing that sayings that we have had all of our life and merrily had trot out of our mouths as if they are nothing but crazy puns may actually be highly perceptive stabs at linking psychological cause and biological effect.

Example: They’ve got some gall

Meaning: They really know how to make people angry.

Potential Psychological/ biological link:   They act with more aggression and anger than is expected, these hormones are stimulated by the adrenal fight or flight system which could mean that they are in danger of wearing these out – they are putting a heavy load on them.  This in turn could lead to liver and gall bladder issues as the liver suffers in adrenal fatigue.

Think about it for a minute, how many more sayings do you know like this?

I don’t draw comfort, hope, enjoyment or satisfaction from all of the above but that doesn’t mean that I draw nothing from any of them and neither does it mean that I think the ones that I don’t have much time for are rubbish. They simply don’t ‘feel’ right for me.

That feeling or VIBE is also something that could be called mumbo jumbo but I prefer to think of it like any good chemist would – vibrational energy.   The energy that lives within us at a molecular level vibrates merrily along keeping us going.  I don’t know if we are all set to the same vibrational frequency or not but I suspect that just like our finger prints we all have a vibrational print too and when I say that doesn’t ‘feel’ right for me I am listening to my own inner vibrational energy and testing that new experience or bit of knowledge to see if it resonates.  Resonates is a great word and one that I draw on regularly.  Sometimes things don’t resonate because they are new and un-familiar but we have an understanding that we need to adopt that thing into our lives so we expend energy, put in some effort to do so – like learning a new skill or taking on board new perspectives etc.  For me this is all part of the fun of life and the beauty of being human.

So I’ll leave you now to ponder the above and work out what does and doesn’t work for you but before I do that I will say this.  An unfeeling scientist is a machine, not a human and while machines can do much, they can’t help us understand the beauty of life.  Realize Beauty is the name of this blog and I strive to realize the beauty of every inch of life every day, including the stuff of magic!

Take care and respect each other because respect is a totally rational thing to do and have.

Amanda x



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  1. August 30, 2014 9:24 am

    May God bless you realise beauty as you seek to appreciate the intangible the transcendental.
    Even the miraculous beauty of flora it speaks to all of us and times grief and enjoy.
    Scientific analysis cannot even begin to explain the univeral meaning of a flower.
    God bless

    • RealizeBeautyEd permalink*
      August 30, 2014 10:04 am

      Well that is lovely. Thank you.

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