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Free Formulation – Palm Free Moisturiser with 1 year real-time stability.

November 23, 2014

Hi all,

I was just going through my old retention samples and found a sample of my palm free moisturiser that I put together in August 2013.  As it has now been 15 months since I made that I thought it would be good to report back to you that the product is still within spec – feels, looks and smells good.

I don’t give away formulations very often as I am worried that in doing so de-values the science behind cosmetic chemistry. It isn’t just a case of ‘throw it in a pot and she’ll be right’ you know.  Having said that the odd formula here and there is a good way to demonstrate that A) I sort of know what I’m talking about and B) is useful as a teaching and learning tool.

The recipe can be found in my August post by following this link.

Meanwhile here is a picture of a beautiful biodiverse landscape, down by the creek on our new property Fox Hill Hollow.  Monoculture farming is probably something that we have to live with in an over-populated world but we must find space and time to appreciate nature and allow it to prosper.

Fox Hill Hollow by the stream

Happy mixing lab rats!

Amanda x

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