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Time to Face My

November 29, 2014

Ok so I heard about this application last night and it didn’t take many seconds before the curious side of my personality had decided to go and try it out.  I know nothing about the app really except for what I have experienced as a user but I presume there is some algorithm-driven time lord that punches some figures into a spreadsheet before spewing out a number.  Either that or they are scientists which some people might feel are exactly the same thing.

After a few goes, some with the same picture and  some with a slightly different version of me but all with the same answers to the questions I got a few numbers, some better than others.

So this was my first go.  Apparently my face is 40 which I can’t really complain about because so is the rest of me.

Face my age 40


But that picture was taken at night after a long and pretty hard day so maybe I would look younger in the morning.

Two sleeps later and this is the result:

Face my age 49

Maybe I should have stayed up all night instead!  49, I’ve aged 9 years in two days and there was me thinking that I was quite refreshed, bright and shiny but no……

So I tried again, desperate to put my best face forwards and gain some self-esteem for my piggy bank but then this happened:

Face my age 81

Yup. Nice.

Despite the variable results (which could have been something to do with me as I’m still not 100% convinced that I put the dot at the end of my chin and nose correctly) I enjoyed this but mostly because it is fun and not because it unlocks some magical portal that can show me my future and how long my life will last.  There is a bit of blurb about how facial ageing can be a predictor of life span and while I get that – if we look young and healthy there IS a better chance that we ARE as young and healthy on the inside as we can be I know from experience that people can still look young and beautiful and have cancer, heart disease, lung conditions,  viral infections and the like.  For me personally I feel sure that years of scratching the life out of my skin probably hasn’t helped me, neither has the resulting inflammation, my tendency to acne and cold sores (that’s what I have on my chin right now. Damn thing) and the like.  Maybe I look older because my nose is crooked?  I’m sure that happened because I kept bashing into lamp posts on my bike – oh the fun!!!! However, I do know that on the inside I’m in pretty good condition and can run, swim and jump almost as well as I could at 20.

Go check it out and see if you age over-night like I did or maybe you are lucky and wake up a good ten years younger. Now wouldn’t that be nice.

Amanda x


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  1. November 29, 2014 1:56 pm

    A definitely interesting app.

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