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Adventures in Europe-Land

March 6, 2015

What better way to celebrate the week that saw Australia become part of the Eurovision song contest than to open our new EU office!  Oh how exciting.

The Realize Beauty EU Office opening

For the last five years we have been compiling EU style Product Information Files for our clients so that they can export from Australia into the EU.  In 2013 the cosmetics regulations changed quite dramatically and rather than just being a self-managed directive the need for a robust safety dossier was made law.  The EU is now arguably the most regulated cosmetic market in the world with brands required to have tested their products microbiologically, physically (stability testing), packaging wise and also toxicologically.  On top of that the EU has also cracked down on claims and is asking for more data to substantiate what brands are saying their products do.

Being immigrants to lovely Australia-land and having worked in the EU cosmetics industry personally for six years before coming here, the Realize Beauty team has a unique insight and ability to navigate this legal mine field and get our clients set up.  However, up until now we haven’t been able to support them in an ongoing way due to the requirement for an EU registered ‘Responsible Person’.  Now that has changed!

Our UK office operation is 100% focused on the market vigilance of Australian brands selling into the EU market to ensure that brands stay within the law and are representing what is actually being made here in Australia in a legal way.  We also co-ordinate consumer feedback and investigate customer complaints and in-market product safety.

Our presence here in Australia where the product is being made, tested and packaged plus our knowledge of and presence in the EU market where the products are being sold puts us in an excellent position in terms of responsiveness,  trouble shooting, professional support and even spotting market opportunities.  In addition, the fact that we are a small, hands-on team with grass-roots experience gives brand owners the peace of mind that their needs are being attended to!

Our company aim is to share our Australian talent with the good people of Europe and promote the trade in safe, effective and clean cosmetics.

Come and join us!

Amanda x

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