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Help I reacted to my sunscreen part 2

March 31, 2015

Although I’m sure you are not all sitting there with bated breath I though I’d update you on my skin, mainly because it is useful for anyone working in this industry to know what process I’m going through in case it happens to them or to someone using their product but also because it is a useful record for me!

Today’s pic

my sunscreen allergic reaction day 2

So I took myself off to the doctors today and had a review.  The reaction on my chest, while local (it hasn’t spread) is pretty nasty and requires investigation, especially given my choice of career.  We did joke about how I could run my own patch tests being as though I have access to all of the chemicals in the formula but as the Doctor couldn’t rule out an anaphylactic reaction I am not quite so sure that is a good idea….. Maybe if I sat in the Doctor’s car park as I did it, just in case.

With that in mind I came home and found an Occupational Dermatology Research Centre who look like they could help me run these tests and find out what is ailing me. I’ve sent off my expression of interest form and am awaiting their call – I’ll share their details and what comes next with you if they happen to be able to help.  The doctor also gave me a script for some top-class steroid cream to help with the inflammation and itching – I’ll use that in-between my meditation and herbal tea drinking 🙂

In the meantime as I stated yesterday I’m sticking to a ‘clean bathing and care’ regimen by using products that contain ingredients that I suspect will be very mild and safe for me – low risk preservatives, no colour cosmetics on the affected area, no sunscreen ingredients at the mo.  Luckily this is going to be quite easy as I’ve got a few days at home over Easter and don’t really need to pile on any product.

So fingers crossed I get this thing sorted and we all learn a thing or two.

Amanda x


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  1. francescapia permalink
    April 1, 2015 11:54 pm

    are you sure it’s not a sun allergy? I live in Malta (Europe) and started getting this type of reaction to the sun and/or heat a few years ago – after never having a problem before. The only thing that helps me is piz buin sun allergy protection….

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