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Caught up with us on Social Media yet?

July 2, 2015

lips by meg

Good afternoon friends, family and pets.

It is a beautiful day here in Australialand and I was wondering if you guys all knew that we publish different content on different social media platforms? We quite literally talk many social media languages (thanks to my daughter Meg Hill for the lovely illustration above).   We are active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and would love you to connect with us there if you feel so inclined as let’s face it, reading blog articles is great but sometimes all you want is a bit of visual inspiration or a link to an interesting piece of news or research and THAT”S exactly what we seek to bring you.

Facebook – Here is where we attempt to give our clients snippets of everything we do to help them feel part of the family as well as keeping them in the loop with regards to our activities and upcoming events. As Facebook has changed its rules about how business content is shared recently we are not convinced we’ve got this mix right so you could help us by telling us what you would like to see on our page!  It is a bit hit and miss at the mo.

Twitter – Twitter is where we share our blog posts and pass on links to interesting articles and research. We love the way that Twitter is short and to-the-point and we also love how we can see what is trending around the world while sharing our reading list with followers.

Instagram – Cosmetic Chemistry is as much art as it is science and we share our inspiration right here so that potential and existing customers can learn more about what makes us tick!  We also post the occasional tip from the lab or ingredient update so keep your eyes peeled for those #cosmeticchemistry

Which Social Media platform is your favourite and why?

And what would you like to see more of?

Amanda x

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