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Ding, Dong, Customer calling and this one’s got something they wanna tell you!

July 8, 2015

I always find it strange when people approach me for a quote on something and then tell me ‘of course I have 20 years experience in the spa/ hairdressing/ beauty/ compounding world and just need you to do <insert the tiny little thing that they want me to do Usually a formula or an EU dossier or stability testing>’.

I find it strange because I wonder if they are expecting me to say ‘Oh I see, so you won’t tolerate any of my usual rubbish then, what a shame’. Pffffff.

What I would like to say, is that being a consultant cosmetic chemist is a legit technical specialty and while all of the above are relevant none of the above means that you are automatically qualified to do what I do:

I am a chemist and I know a bit about drugs but that doesn’t make me qualified to run a meth lab or a pharmacy.

I have a body and I get sick and I am also a scientist who could possibly achieve a pHD if only my kids would grow up and leave home  but I am not a medical doctor and can’t prescribe my own antibiotics.

Lab me

Don’t get me wrong, I am FASCINATED by what my customers do, where they come from, what makes them tick and what they know.  I know you might be going ‘yeh right after you just took the pee out of us all’ but I do really mean it.  What makes my eyes roll is when people can’t wait to tell me what they know as if they are putting me to their test or trying to get me to validate them and go ‘OMG that’s so awesome, I wish I had your experience’.

Given 1000 more lifetimes I would probably dedicate one to each of the beauty professions but as I’ve only got this one I chose Chemistry. Yay!

In the meantime I’ll sit here appreciating how awesome hairdressers are at knowing and shaping hair, how brilliant beauticians are at listening to clients and then selecting and delivering the best hands-on care possible making people feel relaxed, loved and beautiful and how every other allied industry struts their awesome professional stuff too because like anyone who dives into the depths of a career I appreciate that the devil is in the detail and nobody can or should do everything.

So please, if you are thinking of calling me and asking me to work on something for you spare me the ‘I’m a genius too don’t you know’ because I already know that,  you found me didn’t you?


Amanda x

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