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My new favourite motto: Esse quam videri

July 25, 2015

To be, rather than to seem (to be)

In a world obsessed by celebrity, number of likes and the selling of the self I find myself at odds.  Yes I love social media and could easily be accused of over-sharing, over-using and sending people over-it (the ‘it’ being me) but those are risks that I have been willing to take because I enjoy participating in the online social world and love connecting, sharing ideas and learning with like-minded people.

There is no doubt in my mind that being visible, selling yourself and being ‘seen’ to be an expert brings financial rewards and can also get you ‘success’ on one level. I mean, if that wasn’t true it would be hard to see how the Kardashians would have got so big,  so rich and famous – rich and famous, what every ‘naughties’ child aspires to be.

But what about those of us that feel the emphasis is all wrong?

Those of us that see through the FLUFF AND BUBBLES?

I stumbled upon the above Latin saying the other day and immediately fell in love with it because it sums up EXACTLY what I feel about my professional (and personal) life.

I like it because above all else it places value on substance.

To be, rather than to seem (to be).

That it is more important to invest in being and doing and demonstrating.  In being a true expert that stands up to scrutiny,  a productive member of society, someone who can explain stuff and add value.

But I also love it because it doesn’t preclude one from becoming bigger, better or more famous – A goal that I feel is still worthy of pursuing as with fame comes opportunity, opportunity that can be capitalised on by people who ‘ARE’ and don’t just think they are.

And so I will continue to push myself forward as I attempt to make deeper, richer and stronger connections with my audience and I will continue to do that with depth and substance.

Because being feels good and makes a difference whereas the celebrity veneer merely distracts us for a while.

Amanda x




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