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Mini Cat-Lick like Needles – Your Future Night Cream.

March 27, 2017

Oh My God I LOVE this!

I shared a video on my Realize Beauty Facebook page last week about little microneedles made of a sugary substance – you can still see that one there.   Basically these needles become soft when they penetrate the skin and can release their content deep into the dermis, by-passing the many layers designed to keep stuff out and increasing the efficacy of the treatment.

Apparently these mini injections feel a bit like a cat lick or how the bobbly bit of velcro feels on the skin – not too bad hey!

I can see a time when many of our cosmaceutical actives are delivered via these needles leaving our creams and lotions free to just be simple and nourishing to the outer layers – a job that is of vital importance if we are not to undo all of our good work on the inside!

Regardless to how the cosmetic chemist formulates there is a real difficulty in overcoming the many and varied layers of the skin.  Something applied topically has to travel through a maize of different layers before it can get to work brightening the complexion, signalling for more collagen, elastin or moisturisation,  repairing scars or smoothing the skin from within.  Even ingredients such as retinol that can be metabolised and carried into the deeper tissues struggle to get more than 10% of the applied dose deep into the viable tissues – that’s quite a bit of waste really.  I have even read today about Testosterone patches that only deliver 20% of their dose, after which they are discarded into the bin presumably!  That’s 80% of testosterone NOT absorbed and that will almost certainly end up in our land-fill or waterways.  Efficacy and efficient delivery is not just about getting better looking skin, it is also about the most effective use of materials, about sustainability and about protecting our environment from a deluge of un-used chemistry.  Oh and let’s not forget the tiny nature of these products – less packaging, less transport costs, less waste all round, especially once the manufacturing process has been optimised.

Here is another clip from another company just raring to get stuck into your face. 

This sort of technology excites me because of all of the above and because it may truly be part of the solution that is to offer people effective yet simple skin care solutions.

Now which company is going to let me come and play?



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