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Experiments in surface tension

June 30, 2017

Last week I was working on a bi-phase cleansing product for a client and just could not resist the chance to play around with the phases and create some art.

There are a few tricks to getting a nice clean separation between the phases and a good mix upon shaking  but mostly it’s not tricks at all, it’s just science.  The science you need to read up on is that involving surface tension and density.  Get the surface tension properties right and you’ll have a good, clean separation of the phases, get the density right and you’ll achieve a phase separation where you want it (top or bottom heavy) AND your product will come together quickly for effective cleansing.

Once those two things have been mastered, the only other thing to do is work out how to get the performance for your particular price point.  Simple?  Not really but always lots of fun and very, very beautiful  🙂

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