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Trust your mamma?

November 8, 2017

As much as I love my mamma mushroom I don’t trust her 100%, after all she’s the woman that told me there were crocodiles in our tiny garden pond, that if I didn’t fall asleep my 9pm the 9 O’Clock horses would come and take me away and that if I went to bed with my nighty on back-to-front the fairies would come and twist my head around in the night!  However, after reading the interwebs for some ingredient safety information it seems that I’m all alone in doubting my mothers credibility to know everything.

I’m talking mamma bloggers.

Mamma bloggers are a big thing aren’t they?

I kind of get it, that association between mothering and safe mushy feelings of being secure and cosseted but I also don’t.  As a mother myself I would not say that the ability to grow a baby magically bestowed upon me the powers of knowing anything and everything about whatever takes my fancy so why do these ladies think they can decipher cosmetic chemistry, toxicology, environmental science and the laws of physics?  I have clearly been short changed!

I spend a good proportion of my time having to look to see what the mamma bloggers have said after a customer or reader of my blog writes in to ‘get a second opinion’.  Sometimes I really do feel that my second opinion is taken as being quite valid albeit reluctantly at times, when at other times I feel it’s a case of ‘yeh but nah’ – I get the brush off. Cognitive dissonance is a real bummer but only for as long as you entertain two ideas in your head at the same time and often it’s easier to stick with mamma than run with the wolves AKA me. HA!

That said, I don’t really know why I brought this up to be honest. I’ve long since given up trying to beat these mammas into submission – nobody likes that kind of violence – and I’m no longer as fussed if people immediately thank me for my hours of nerdy reading, cross referencing, questioning and equationing.  I have long since realised that I do what I do because I like and am qualified to do.  I feel that I’m giving this my full attention and trying to do the best job I can in bringing up my readers with the best, most well balanced information that I can serve.  I suppose, when I think about it that is all that any mother tries to do really isn’t it?  To do their best?  Maybe I’m just being a bit boring for sticking to one subject of expertise rather than spreading my wisdom around like vegemite or jam!

Anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter as long as we do what we do with love and as ‘doing/ making/ packing/ wrapping with love’ is another thing mamma bloggers do well then maybe, just maybe I’m one too……

Let me just go and have a cup of tea while I process that.

Amanda x



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