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You do realise that we are not entirely rational creatures don’t you?

November 28, 2017

A funny thing happened today.

A member of a Facebook group that I’m in posted a video footage of an argument. Well, when I say it was an argument it wasn’t exactly, it was more of a super rapid fire of reasons that the other parties were wrong countered by an attempt to explain the opposing point of view. Needless to say the ‘F’ word came up, the two parties resolved nothing and both went away thinking the other party was hopelessly deranged meaning the whole process was somewhat pointless – surely arguing with another is a game of persuasion?

It doesn’t matter what the argument was about but what mattered to me was how the argument was progressing.

The angry argument instigator was trying to fire off philosophical and largely logical questions at an unprepared audience of two who could offer no concretely logical answers back because there weren’t any. Not that it made a fat lot of difference to be honest as what they were arguing was diet related and since when did anyone choose their diet purely based on logic?

Well there was one man once…..

I remember watching a program as a child where one man was interviewed after he had been discovered living off a diet that largely consisted of cauliflower with a few other minor nutrients in a soupy broth.  It might have been on Blue Peter but I can’t quite remember. All I do remember is that this man had dedicated his life to finding a way to sustain himself entirely sustainably and healthily for the lowest price possible – cauliflower is quite cheap in England where I grew up.  God bless that man!

Now we live in times where sustainable living is the prized goal of many of us. We want to tread lightly, be more healthy, avoid toxic chemicals (or any chemicals to be honest), be ‘green’ and yet I don’t see too many of us living off cauliflower broth.  No, instead we live in times when you can gorge yourself on wall-to-wall cooking shows, bake-offs, cooking competitions and master cheffery.  If anything we are becoming even less sustainable with our eating all the while bemoaning the fact that the big supermarkets still insist in packing our items in plastic bags that clog the oceans.

I’m sure we all know that we could be nourished perfectly, could eliminate that horrendous ‘what’s for dinner?’ conundrum AND be healthier and less bloated by eating the same, micro balanced meal day in and day out but we don’t because our dietary choices are based on lots of things and food is not fuel, it is life, culture, identity, history, custom,  love, indulgence, reward, an experience and a joy.

I’m telling you this because today I was once again reminded that we can’t win an argument about ‘what is the best diet’ by basing our argument on logic.  Of course, as a cosmetic chemist my mind then flicks to the ingredients list of my favourite cream or lip balm and I am reminded of the symmetry here.  While I don’t agree in non-science or illogical reasonings I do have to say that those who base their ingredient arguments purely on logic may well be serving up the cosmetic equivalent of that cauliflower soup.


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