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Happy 10 year birthday to Realize Beauty

November 30, 2017

10 years……  Wow.

I can’t quite believe that I’ve been running this little old business for ten whole years, I have to say I feel quite proud of my achievements given that ten years ago I’d only been in this country for three years, had two very young children and not a dollar to spare. I was and still am the main breadwinner, something I had been determined to be since the age of around 3 when I realised that money meant power and power meant self-determination and the ability to help others. The pressure of juggling that with everything else in life has, at times been all-encompassing, it has stretched every fibre of my being and made me grow to levels that I never even knew existed.

I left my corporate job to set up this consulting business so that I could be more present for my children and pursue a more creative and freer career away from the frustrations of corporate life but I also set this up because I was brought up as a girl in a time when being a girl meant hearing that I was somewhat second-rate and not likely to amount too much. So, I guess I sort of set this up as a bit of ‘I’ll show you guys’ rebellion and like all rebellious energy it led me into some good places and some bad.  I’m proud to say that I’ve swapped my rebellious energy for a seriousness and depth that only a battle that has taken every last ounce of your energy to fight can leave behind.  I feel like the winner in a contest that was always pointless and completely disheartening but I’m a winner nonetheless and I’m proud of that and determine to use my winnings to help bring others up with me wherever I can. I’ve been lucky enough to be here for my children who are now amazing young women with their own ideas and futures planned, women who will make the world a better place.  I’ve also been blessed with the unrelenting support and level-headed steadfastness of my husband and best friend, someone who has never shirked away from me and my hair brained ideas, who didn’t flinch when I lost us close to $50,000 in a bad business venture and who was there to dance with me when things were going well.

Running a business is hard but it is wonderful and while I’m tired now from what has been a very, very tough year emotionally I just know that I’ll get up and get on with it again and again and again just like I have before.  So here’s to the next ten years of writing passionately,  formulating with curiosity and a thirst for discovery,  consulting with compassion and a steady hard-fought wisdom born from personal experience and  helping each and every one of you to grow your dreams whatever they might be.

Thank you for joining me on this journey so far.  I appreciate your support, I really do and don’t forget you can always catch me in person on a Thursday at New Directions if you want me to have a look at your problems (Chemistry only)





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  1. Paula Mendonca permalink
    December 14, 2017 2:51 am

    Thank you! Your blog is awesome!

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