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Video killed the radio star.

December 20, 2019

If someone was to ask me what I’d be (career wise) if I wasn’t this (a cosmetic chemist) I’d say ‘documentary maker/ story teller/ interviewer of people/ uncoverer of detail’.

My obsession with picking at the threads of life has been with me since forever and while I often say to people that I’m not a people person,  what I really mean is that I’m not the type of individual that thrives when surrounded by people in my personal space – communal living is my idea of hell. However, what I do love is observing people and shining the light on their lives and experiences.  I think that has a lot to do with my feeling of ‘otherness’ which, I think is mostly due to the fact that my brain works in a different way to the majority of others, it being classified as having ‘ADHD’ wiring.  To me, people (the mainstream) have always been somewhat of a mystery. I don’t really understand the full force of what it feels like to be jealous of someone, compete with someone, obsess over what other people think of me or sit with a burning desire for the adoration of others.  I say this because sometimes when I tell people that I’ve always wanted to make documentary style programs, they immediately imagine that I want to be a TV star and that’s not really it.  Sure, if telling those stories means my ‘self’ gets filmed and becomes known to others then that’s ok but that’s just a small consequence rather than the main point.  It’s with that mindset that I’ve entered into this new project of video making and it is because of this mindset that I’ve decided to keep just being my whole, crazy and often distracted self as you may start to see if you watch anything I do. I figured that if you can’t bring your whole self to the party,  you are at the wrong party.

So what is this thing?

NDTV – New Directions TV.

By August 2020 I’ll have been at New Directions as their help desk chemist/ writer and trouble shooter (one of a team) for 10 years and as such, it felt like time for something different!  New Directions is a honey pot for start-up businesses but it’s not just start-ups that come and talk to me there or avail themselves of the companies products and/or services.  Everyone from the very smallest to the largest of business enterprises comes through those doors and leaves with a little bit of something to help them on their way.  As of November this year I took up the challenge of grabbing time with some of those people and telling their stories,  getting behind their professional poker-faced public image and finding out what it’s REALLY (and I mean really) like to be a person working in this, the cosmetic industry space.

And what a weird space it is…

Over the coming months this project will expand and encompass many different elements of life behind the scenes of the cosmetic industry.  As I mentioned on the post the other way when I introduced the video trailer, I have a LOT to learn about video editing and production but like most of the clients that come through the door of New Directions, I, like them, will be learning as I go.

If you are interested in having a look you can find the new content on the New Directions You Tube page which is here.

I’ve also embedded one of the videos here, this is the longest one we have made so far at just over 20 mins and is where I talk to Hairdresser, brand owner and educator Sam Overton about Silicone chemistry in the hair care industry.  As you can see it’s not just a chalk-and-talk type presentation – a format that I find very uninspiring.

Other videos on the recent playlist include a chat to Beauty Room Clinic Owner, Meredith Langley about her business and new Lash and Brow Lounge and a catch up with Melissa from Washpool Soaperie at the Finders Keepers Markets to find out what’s new and get an update how business in a drought affected rural area is going. I’ve also got a video with Ben, founder of men’s skin care brand Milkman,  a practical demonstration of the new hair mask from New Directions and a ‘what’s new in the showroom’ short video showcasing how the New Directions bases can be used to help clients get a better literacy over what suits their skin.

Exciting times.

Amanda x


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