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FAQ for Realize Beauty

February 4, 2009

Q) What is Realize Beauty?

A) It is a vibrant community of people who all want to Realize their Beauty potential. We get to the very heart of
the cosmetic industry, ask the questions that you want asked and help with product development through our testing program. Anyone of any age, sex or race can join. This is not a product review site it is a  Beauty Think Tank!

Q) Who runs Realize Beauty?

A) Realize Beauty is the trademark for the lectures, workshops and Beauty Club run by Selling Science Pty Ltd. Selling
Science is an Australian owned company, run by Amanda Foxon-Hill and set up in November 2007. Realize Beauty was launched in February 2009.

Q) How Does Realize Beauty Get Its Information and News?

A)Realize Beauty works was founded by Amanda Foxon-Hill who has spent over ten years formulating, marketing and
promoting cosmetics and their ingredients. Over this time she has built up a global network of cosmetic consultants, experts and manufacturers. This network is employed on a contract basis to bring you, the Realize Beauty club member the inside story.

Q) What does a Realize Beauty Club Member have to do?

A) Well, that depends on how much you want to do. Most months there will be an opportunity for you to sign up to review a product in the comfort of your own home. If you do sign up you will receive a test pack along with some guidelines of how to use the product and the time frame to complete the assignment. You will then try it out and post your feedback at the Realize Beauty forum (which will be introduced later). Other than that you just receive our bi-monthly e-newsletter, try out the formulations and attend any events that take your fancy. You can always post your own stories on the Facebook wall, add some of your own snaps or leave comments on the posted articles.

Q) Is Realize Beauty just for Beauty Addicts or can anyone Join?

A) Realize Beauty works best if there is a huge cross section of members. You may only use toothpaste and soap or be the first in line for any new product launch, it doesn’t matter. As long as you are over 18 (for testing purposes) you can

Q) Does a Realize Beauty Club Member get paid?

A) Not usually. They get the test product to keep and may get paid expenses if the test protocol is complicated. Otherwise they might get money off vouchers, samples or product offers.

Q) Where are your lectures and workshops get held?

A) At the moment they will be in Australia only with the first one in Canberra at the Australian Science Festival in May. Following that there will be a few in Sydney and then we will see. It will depend on demand really.

Q) What if I don’t want to be a member any more?

A) That is fine. You can un-subscribe via the newsletter or you can take your name off from the facebook site. This is a
voluntary operation with no obligation!

Q) Can I invite my friends to join?

A) YES! Anyone is welcome so feel free to pass on the newsletter or share the facebook page.

Q) Do you have a website or is it Facebook  / blog only?

A) The Realize Beauty web site is being re-invented. This takes time and money so for now Facebook , this blog and the e-newsletter are the places to go for information. As soon as the website is up we will let you know.

Q) How can people join?
A) Clicking this link : Join the Realize Beauty Club will take you to a newsletter sign up page. Joining our mailing list activates your membership!

Q) What if I want to suggest a workshop or lecture topic?

A) You can send your feedback to Realize Beauty using the e-mail, by using the
wall on the facebook page or by posting a comment on this blog. Formulation issues, material sourcing worries and product testing enquiries can also be posted at the same location.

Q) Sounds good, what next?

A) Please either  join the Facebook page as a fan or ideally sign up to the newsletter. You will then start to get updates
From then on it all comes to you!

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