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Hope and Beauty this Good Friday

April 2, 2010

Yesterday was the last day of term and that means only one thing, PARTY TIME.  A couple of my good friends and their tribes converged at my place for coffee, nibbles and a chat and then something amazing and beautiful happened. 

Friend no 1 who I shall refer to as Mamma T (as she is not yet ready to be outed as a ‘artist’)  had created a painting for friend no 2 who I shall call the ice cream man  (don’t ask…)  so while coffee was brewing, fruit being cut and kids being seen to Mamma T hid the painting ready for the big reveal when things settled down.  It didn’t take long before the kids ran off to play hide and seek in the kitchen leaving us to our art appreciation session. 

Mamma T’s painting was brought out and placed on the chair next to the ice cream man to a chorus of oooohhhhs, aahhss and thanks as she explained her colour choices and how she developed the picture based on the ice cream mans brief: 

“I want something that shows the chaos and darkness of life mixed with a little hope” 

or something like that – that conversation  was some coffee breaks ago…. 

Anyway, that was fantastic  but when the sun started to move around and granddad brought out the mozzie lamps things got really interesting.  Have a look through the hope and beauty looking-glass at some art in motion. 

Hope and sunlight Painting


I think that Mamma T has an amazing talent and it looks like the sun gods think so too. What better way to celebrate Easter!

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