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The Other Bad News About Botox

July 30, 2010

We all know that botox stops your wrinkles but did you also know that it stops you from having feelings?  Well did you?????  Apparently the science people at  the Wisconsen-Madison University found that post-botox the study group took longer to respond to the sad or maddening news conveyed in the test! Could be just what we all need before answering those telemarketing calls……

If you think about it this starts to make a lot of sense, I mean we tend to mimic body language when we feel a connection with someone- start itching and the room starts to scratch, yawn and watch the energy levels in the room slow down.  Humans are very social creatures and we use our facial muscles to communicate  subtle (or not so subtle) changes in mood to our peer group but take that ability away  and you find yourself with a problem on your hands.  This research showed that our brains seem to feed off of these micro-expressions in order to set the mood and when the muscle signals don’t match the visual stimuli confusion sets in.

Interesting stuff and possibly one of the reasons why some people with Autistic spectrum disorders find it hard to read people’s feelings.

So, if you are feeling like the iron woman after your botox session you now know that it has less to do with the de-creasing and more to do with your micro-expressions so get ready to smile with your eyes and fake it with some glossy ‘happy me’ lipstick and prepare to start feeling human again.

I know that we are nearing an election but let’s not make this a Zombie nation.

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