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Fresh Faced – Avocado Salsa Mask

March 6, 2011

Just finished prepping this for the book and just HAD to share it!  This mask is just perfect for a lazy Sunday when all you want to do is detox and forget about another manic Monday.  Sit back and prepare to want to eat your face :

The Ingredients for our Face Salsa

Recipe : Face Salsa

  ½ Avocado Fresh  approx     50g

   Macadamia Butter                    10g

  Rose Geranium Essential Oil  1-2 drops

    Vitamin E                                        1g

    Juice from one lemon                 10g

Equipment needed:  Mortar and pestle, measuring scales, spoon, knife for cutting fruit.

1)   Weigh the avocado then cut it into piece ready for mashing.
2)   Add the measured macadamia butter to the mortar and pestle.
3)   Grind the avocado and macadamia butter together until a paste is formed.
4)   Add the juice from one lemon and the vitamin E to the bowl and mix in with a spoon
5)   Spread onto clean skin and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.

The vitamins present in the fruit along with the acidity of the lemon will dissolve grease, dislodge old skin cells and brighten the complexion while the macadamia butter ensures that your skin doesn’t dry out.  Beautiful.

Face Salsa Avocado and Macadamia Butter

This recipe will be featured in our book to be launched later on this year (2011). I look forward to being able to tell you more about it!

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