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A Rationale Approach to Beautiful Skin

May 25, 2011

Rational Essential 6 Day Care

The world of cosmetics is often seen as a pseudo science, something that anyone with a bucket, a spatula and an empty bottle labelled ‘hope’ can pull together and sometimes it is.  Collectively, the cosmetic industry has pulled out some doozies of products, things that  won’t work, can’t work or will take-your-face-off WHILE they work but not this, this brand is different and that’s why I am excited.

Rationale is……. well, rational.

These days,  those serious about skin care get theirs from the dermatologist and so it is no surprise that you will find this brand gracing the shelves of the dermatologists who’s who both in Australia and around the world and that’s because it works.

Brand owner Richard Parker is a skin care visionary with an eye for detail and a results-driven mind. His approach to product development is as sensible and conservative as it is progressive and revolutionary and because of this he has been able to put together a skin care regimen that could quite literally hold back the years.

The difference with this brand is multi-level and can be explained in a few simple steps:

  • The development team use an evidence based approach to their active selection, collating all evidence behind a particular active and performing a meta analysis (ranked review) on its relevance. This allows them to fully understand the active before they set to work. Sounds obvious but this level of research is a rare luxury for those of us who sit outside of the multinationals.
  • Rationale understand that with cosmaceuticals the base is as important as the active and as such it has to be optimised for performance so that the actives are both protected in the formula and are delivered to the right space during use.
  • Divide and conquer. This relates to the way that the range is built. Actives are paired or divided based on their polarity and mode of action so that each active is optimised and not competing for skin space with something else.  You see there is more to cleanse, tone and moisturise than just the sales and marketing push to sell more units.
  • Prescribed solutions.  The range is sold through dermatology clinics and as such is able to monitor clients reactions to the range and modify the offering accordingly.  For example patients with a compromised skin barrier will even react to water so focusing on re-establishing the lipid layer is the first priority.
  • Stability and reproducability.  Product integrity is important in any brand but is especially crucial when the range is being accessed by people with compromised skin.  Rationale extends their scientific approach to product stability and manufacturing standards to ensure that only the highest quality products make it to your bathroom cabinet.

To find out what is in the range stay posted as I will be trialling the essential six-day kit over the next two weeks to see if it can soothe and clear my 36-year-old troubled complexion.  You never know, If you stick with me throughout the journey I may just treat you to a set of your very own!

Ooooooohh  YES I am excited.

So until tomorrow goodnight.

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