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Fudge Urban Texture Junk for really funky hair

August 6, 2011

The only good thing about supermarket shopping is the cosmetics aisle and before you tune out and think ‘oh no, not another beauty junkie’ I’ll let you into a little secret.  I am more beauty nerd than beauty junkie, I read more than I buy and I generally only purchase things that either a) have a good story (ingredients, packaging, smell, positioning)  OR b) will not irritate my eczema-prone chemists skin.  So there you have it, I read the labels, I get excited, I part with some cash and then I write about it.

So today my 10-year-old daughter picked up this neat little tin of joy and I just couldn’t resist popping it into the trolley so that I could give it a thorough inspection.

Fudge Urban Texture Junk

The first thing that jumps out at me with the Fudge range is the branding. Everything from the bright orange colour scheme to the funky, innovative packaging tells me that this product is going to be wall-to-wall fun and I like that.   So, before you even give a damn about what is IN the pack you want the product BECAUSE of the pack.  Neat marketing!

Inside is no less interesting thanks to the products highly pliable, paste-like texture,  sweet fudgy smell and long-lasting performance.  This is how it is done:

The product is able to hold the hair into various textured finishes thanks to a combination of lanolin wax, PVP/VA copolymer and PVP (hair-friendly glue).   It has a creamy texture thanks to the emulsion base formed between cetearyl alcohol, mineral oil, caranuba wax, water, alcohol and octyl palmitate and  it gives the hair a little bit of TLC in the form of a little wheat protein.

So, if you are looking for a funky little styling product that looks as good on your dressing table as it does in your hair then this may well be worth a try and for around $10 for 75ml the price isn’t bad either.


PS:  Although my dog helped me by posing for this picture I can assure you that the product was NOT tested on animals.



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