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Round Up From Beauty Expo 2011

August 28, 2011

After a really hectic couple of weeks I finally feel like I’m getting back on track with all things beauty blogging. So, here is a round-up of some of the good things that we found along the way at Beauty Expo.

Mind To Body Candles.

These guys were ROCKING the show in a big way and had an endless stream of visitors past their booth which is great as, having known founder Renna for around a year now it is about time all of her efforts and vision paid off.

Renna makes the most delicious soy massage candles ever. Her special blend melts at just above body temperature which is absolutely perfect for a warming rub-down at the end of a long working day. The candles also contain a range of fruit oils which bring vitamins A, B, C E and F to the mix adding to the skin-kind formula. On top of that the packaging is stunning and the wick is lead-free which make these perfect for both eco and health-conscious shoppers.

Skinn – Skin Care For Men.

As I have already written about this range on another post I’ll just re-iterate the fact that this is a beautifully presented and light-feeling male-orientated skincare range that packs a powerful punch. Each product is jam-packed full of actives that will help to firm, tone and even-out the roughest and most sun-damaged of male skin. I really love the packaging too and think that this would look good in any salon or home.

Dirt For Men.

If you see a man-theme starting to develop here then you are right – this years event was all about men, Moroccan Oil and Nails….

Anyway, Dirt for men was another range launching at the expo and they too have a highly sophisticated range on offer. Their USP is that they are the ultimate skincare for all types of men and as such they are offering a range that is rich in Vitamins A, B and C to improve skin function. This being a dermatologist backed brand is big on science but not so hot on branding in my opinion. While I was fascinated by the brand (that looked and smelt right) I am not convinced that they have ticked all of the right boxes when it comes to positioning but that is another story. It’s great to see another Australian-made brand making its debut so well done you.

Jasmin Skincare

I am always fascinated by these guys but have never really got to know them. This is another Australian-made brand that to my mind, looks like an Asian-inspired Jurlique. Their products always look, smell and feel fantastic and they have the added bonus (export wise) of being USDA and ACO approved (organic certifications)). I feel that their core target market is probably a little older and more ‘lux’ than me which is probably why I’ve never felt inclined to buy the products but if that sounds like you, I do recommend you give them a look-in.

Synthesis 345

Theme is such a delightful character and once you know her, it is impossible not to get caught up in the romance of her brand. Theme was showing off her new candle range (which I bought) as well as some other new-and-improved organic skin treats. The purity and sincerity behind Synthesis 345 is what makes it so appealing and I would encourage anyone looking for something that massages the soul as well as the body to give her range a try.

Tangle Teezer

OMG OMG these brushes are FAAAAAAB (tween speak for oh mummy, than you for bringing home something useful). The tangle teezer is a little bit of plastic that will change the life of any mum, dad, grandparent, partner or sibling of a curly-haired person. I got one for both of my kids and have enjoyed the peace and quiet that echoes around the house every morning since. No more knotty hair, no more screaming children. Don’t ask me how it does it but it does (get the knots out). Buy one.

Alexander Kimsco

I was fascinated by these guys from Korea who have a rather novel way of applying their signature herbal krauter mask (there is a German connection). Basically they have created a dried herb scrub peel concoction that, when mixed with their base cream reacts with the skin to leave it warmed, refreshed and renewed. The herbs benefit from application by cupping which is a weird process of spreading the mix onto the skin with what looks like a shot glass! The whole process was very odd but quite delightful especially as the herbal concoction, being a dry powder would last ages and work out as quite an economical purchase. This herbal peel system is their flag-ship product and the guys at Alexander Kimsco are hoping it gets them a few salon gigs over here in Oz. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


While we love to support Australian-made we couldn’t go past Dermalogica’s FITE initiative without giving it a mention. FITE stands for Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship and Dermalogica have been supporting this micro-finance initiative since January this year. They donate a proportion of nominated product sales to this scheme which helps women work their way out of poverty with dignity and purpose. What a great cause!

Look Good Feel Better

These guys have been working with cancer patients since 1990 to help them re-build the self-esteem lost through invasive cancer treatments. It is always good to see what a positive difference a bit of aesthetic therapy can make to a patient as it helps us remember that taking pride in our appearance and ‘putting on our face’ can really help to boost morale.

Cosmia Skin Care

I didn’t get to talk to these guys much but from what I did see, these guys have something worth looking at! Using the tag line ‘Real Results Naturally’ is smart and the formulations that I’ve seen back that up with some innovative and evidence-backed actives in lightly fragrant bases. Watch this space….

One Skin

Well, what can I say. We were drawn to these guys as their stand just oozed the ‘professional skin system’ vibe. As another young Australian brand these guys have their work cut out but their visual merchandising and sensible approach to both chemistry and marketing seem to me to be a winner. The blend of science-backed base plus plant-actives (purity fused with science) means that these formulas can be ultra-light weight, extra active and still remain accessible in terms of price and brand-promise. Another one to watch for sure!

Natures Compatibles.

I love these guys as they put their heart and soul into producing top quality colour cosmetics that compliment your natural beauty. Their colours and bases are probably the best quality I’ve seen in Australia and their wet-to-dry foundation give better coverage than any other I’ve tried. Denise, you are a wonder woman so don’t change! If you want the best go Natures Compatibles.

Some other brands that we noted were as follows:

Li’Tya – Fab Australian-Bush inspired skin-care with Dreamtime soul. I love everything about the branding of this range from the story, the colours and the way that the products fit and feel. Their tread lightly philosophy is also impressive as far too many brands jump onto an organic, natural, fair trade or wild-harvested band-wagon without thinking of the implications. Good on you Li-Tya.

ASAP – The acid tech specialists were again out in force with their affordable and highly active acid based skin system.

Essentials In A Box – Demand for good quality essential oils and blends just keeps on growing and these guys sure do have their finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing what ticks our box!

Gorgeous Cosmetics – These guys have grown and grown since I first saw them at the expo about two years ago. Their ability to brand and merchandise this professional quality colour cosmetic range is what is taking them places along with their passion for a photo-shoot ready finish. Well done guys.

I’m sure that I’ll remember more but that should keep you going for now. If you were lucky enough to attend tell us what caught your eye?

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