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Fancy learning some chemistry?

March 6, 2013

I love chemistry now but that wasn’t always the case.  At school I did it because I thought I should, because I was a ‘science’ kid and because I kind of wanted to be a doctor before I realised that a) I am prone to fainting at the sight of  blood and b) the idea of listening to people’s problems all day really bothered me.  Looking back I think what I really wanted was to be able to afford a posh car and have my own private office with my name on the front  like the customers that I visited with my dad had – my dad was and still is a plumber by trade and I would often go along to work with him.  He had a fair few Dr folk in his little black book and they all seemed to have pretty nice houses and demanded a lot of respect.  Of course that didn’t happen as I mostly grew out of that fantasy and replaced it with pretty much what I have now, a career that is challenging, diverse and hard work but ultimately very rewarding.   Anyway I digress.

Chemistry ROCKS and I now spend nearly every waking moment thinking about one or another chemical problem, puzzle or challenge relating to my beloved cosmetic consultancy business.   I know, I know I am a complete moron/ nerd/ geek type person that actually does get quite excited by the prospect of getting a funky new emulsion happening.  I even think the chemical and physical changes that occur when watching paint dry are quite fascinating.

Amanda Realize Beauty-6

So what has this got to do with YOU?

Well if you are in or can get to the Sydney area (that is Sydney Australia land of brave spider milking, crock wrestling, schooner downing laid back folk) on 23rd and 24th March then you can join me for a fun-filled chemistry adventure at the lovely New Directions HQ for two whole days of fun.

Having spent a good few years teaching and entertaining kids in all things science inspired with cool company Fizzics Education I am not one to sit back and get you to read the notes.  I want you to touch, feel, smell, breathe and LOVE chemistry as much as I do.  Well, that may be impossible but I’ll try my best and even if that doesn’t happen I’m sure you will come away with a head full of useful tips and tricks to get your creative cosmetic chemistry juices flowing.

All you have to do is commit to one weekend in Chemistry heaven on 23rd and 24th March from 10am until 4pm  and part with  $654.50 of your Australian Dollars and then life will be forever sweet.  More details including how to book can be found here. 

I would LOVE to see you there as quite frankly  I will go mad if it’s just me and my fuzzy friends again…..

microbe toys

Take care and hope to see you in Sydney later this month.


PS: I promise that I am a) normal and b) very intelligent in real life especially between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

PPS: Although my background is in pure chemistry my working life has been spent mixing it up in sales, marketing and technical roles plus my now crazy life as entrepreneur / consultant/ writer.  So, even if chemistry only slightly turns you on there will be plenty of time for us to talk about other aspects of running a chemistry backed business.  Chances are I’ve been there, done that and seen it before and if I haven’t I know someone who has.  You are not alone.

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