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A Look At: Waterlily Skin, Body, Spa Australia

August 27, 2009

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I was lucky to be working in an amazing Day Spa when we had the announcement that a new range was entering our spa. What a surprise it was to me that the range was primarily based on Aromatherapy. This was music to my ears being an aromatherapist myself and Australian product at that. Well, you could imagine how excited I was and couldn’t wait for the products to arrive and the training to begin. Arriving late to our first training session I find out during our first break that our ‘teacher’ was the Director of the company herself; well if I wasn’t impressed before I am now. Wow, not many directors come out from the HQ to teach people like us I thought. Really Impressed!!

After being put to the test with product knowledge, oh I was tingling with delight at all the beautiful essential oils immersed within the products; (hmmmm) anyway we had to move onto the practical side of things and got to work with using the skincare range for a facial treatment. The positive comments flying around the room was exhilarating.

That was about a year and a half ago now and as life goes on I have moved on from that Day Spa, but Waterlily had moved into my life and I still love this range for myself. Now a Realize Beauty Lady you can also imagine how excited I was to find out that Waterlily was exhibiting at this years Beauty Expo. There was no way was I going to miss out on an opportunity to visit the stand and have an RB chat with this Leading Lady. Well!!

waterlilly product range

Early Sunday morning Amanda and I set off to hopefully find the Lady behind Waterlily and its success. We were very fortunate to find her and snatch some time away from the stand. Managing to relax in the Premier Lounge, we had a wonderful discussion on all things Waterlily. This Australian Salon and Spa exclusive range which is bursting with pure botanical and aromatherapy active ingredients that feel and smell so divine you just cannot wait to use them all. Where does one start with this stunning range? Still impressed we had to find out.

Without further a due let me introduce Waterlily’s Leading Lady;

Michelle Reeve, Managing Director of Waterlily Australasia and her Pure Botanical Skin, Body and Spa Range.

SM: How and why did you get into the beauty/spa industry?
MR: My passion has always been focused on achieving health and longevity utilising holistic solutions. The Spa industry offers an exciting platform to embrace treatments, products and modalities that not only offer an aesthetic result, but ensure we function at out optimal best from the inside out. Over time I have studied natural medicine including nutrition, Aromatherapy, Chinese modalities and massage and have harnessed many of these elements and embedded them within the Waterlily formulations and treatments. I’m continually amazed at the rejuvenating and healing benefits natural medicine continues to deliver.

RB: What drives your inspiration and passion?
MR: I’m driven by the energy the industry offers and I’m motivated and constantly awed by the amazing women I’m surrounded by. The opportunity to shape my own business experience while having a positive and empowering impact not only within Waterlily but being able to engage in the wider Spa community. To also offer the savvy consumers of today a genuine botanical product choice in a market place that is demanding increasing transparency.

RB: So now, what does your job entail?
MR: From day to day my role at Waterlily offers a great deal of diversity, from product development, sourcing new ingredients to marketing strategy. There is never a dull moment! It can be very demanding but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being at the coal face of the business and to spend time with our dynamic Waterlily Spa Partners. Hearing feedback first hand helps keep the brand dynamic and authentic and allows us to grow in line with our loyal Waterlily devotees.

RB: What’s an example of a regular working day?
MR: I don’t think I have a “regular” day. I’m often travelling interstate to spend time with our Spa stockists and to attend industry events. When I’m in the office it’s often a juggle between the day to day operations and forming strategy to ensure Waterlily continues to be dynamic in the market place. I’m lucky to be surrounded by a dedicated and creative team allowing me to focus on what the business needs most.

RB: What has been your career highlight?
MR: With Waterlily the highlight has been to just start. At the time it didn’t feel terribly exciting as the business started very small with no guarantees of success. But every journey begins with only a step. All the success we are achieving now is because a decision was made from an idea years ago. I think that is a very powerful concept, as it is too easy not to start a project because it seems too overwhelming. But really we can achieve anything if we just begin.

RB: Your philosophy on having an Australian, low carbon foot print with a holistic approach to all of your skin and body care range, where did this approach come from?
MR: For me it just makes sense. The right solution for our health often translates to the right solution for the environment and the world around us. An Australian range ensures the products are formulated for an Australian skin type and limits the carbon foot print which occurs from importing. Our production methods are low in energy consumption, and all of our packaging can be recycled. A botanical range ensures our ingredients come from renewable sources unlike petroleum and mineral-oil based products.

RB: How would you describe your Pure Botanical range?
MR: We have at least 95% of pure botanically active ingredient within our products (many are 100% botanically active!). The nutrient rich cold pressed plant oil bases combined with anti-ageing vitamins, exquisite fruit, herbal and floral extracts, organic sun dried clays and pure aromatic essential oils ensures that the products penetrate to work deep within in the skin. Being plant based ensures the ingredients are biochemically compatible… meaning our cells have the receptors to recognise the compounds and they can be readily absorbed and metabolised to have a positive healing and anti-ageing effect on the skin.

RB: What are some of the key products?
MR: This is like choosing a favorite child! With 90 products and treatments it’s hard to choose just one! One product I can’t live without is the “Palmarosa & Geranium Hydrating Milk Cleanser”. As the name suggests it is so much more than a cleanser. With lashings of green tea, rose, pineapple and vitamins it’s deeply moisturising giving the skin an instant replenishing boost while re-balancing oil. It is also ideal as an eye make up remover and eye lash conditioner. The smell is beautifully refreshing…

RB: With Waterlily being a salon and spa only range, what do you think makes this range standout from the crowd?
MR: I think it s a combination of factors – essentially a professional product range that people can believe in and trust to provide the benefits they are looking for because of the potent dilutions of active ingredients. Coupled with a fabulous price point delivered by spa professionals who are trained to make the appropriate recommendations and understand the benefits of a pure and botanical range.

RB: What’s the latest product/s available now for us to enjoy?
MR: For winter, we recently released an indulgent professional treatment – the “Spiced Chai Infused Sugar Scrub”. A fragrant full body exfoliation treatment leaving skin replenished, revitalised and silky smooth. The treatment is finished with a Vanilla Bean and Molten Cocoa Hydration Treatment. Good enough to eat!

RB: What’s the latest beauty technology or trend you’re getting excited about?
MR: I love that much of the Spa industry is getting back to hands-on tactile treatments. For a while machinery was extremely popular. However, I believe that clients are looking for treatments that not only deliver visible benefits but indulge them in a sensory journey that only a dedicated hands on treatment can offer to deliver the benefits of deep relaxation.

RB: Your best ever tip that helps you to Realize your own Beauty?
MR: Move! While there are many treatments that stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system there is nothing more beneficial to your health than staying active. This ensures our organs, body system and skin is nourished with fresh oxygen and nutrients while our lymphatic system boosts our immunity and detoxifies helping to prevent cellulite and fluid retention. Skin is nourished, revitalised and gently purified. From there ensuring a twice daily maintenance schedule of cleansing, toning and moisturising (with Waterlily of course!).

RB: Your website is stunning and informative. Waterlily’s philosophy on a holistic approach towards beautiful skin, health and wellness is evident throughout. Is that something you like to encourage everyone from a young age or can anyone use your products and gain amazing benefits from any stage in their lives?
MR: Healthy skin is important at every age. Waterlily is ideal for acne prone teen age skin while delivering the anti-ageing benefits of replenishing and rejuvenating a mature skin. So long as we respect our skin, keeping it clean exfoliated and well nourished there is no reason we can’t achieve beautifully luminous skin lifelong. If our aim is health, then beautiful skin will naturally follow.

RB: Who’s your beauty icon?
MR: I couldn’t pick just one. For me, true beauty is represented by the women in our lives who laugh easily, stand tall and embrace the challenges of life with enthusiasm and a fabulous sense of humour.

Michelle, I thank you so much for your time. You are one of the most beautiful and inspirational women to have entered my life! Thank you for Realizing your Beauty!

For more information on Waterlily Skin, Body, Spa Australasia go to:

Written by: Sharon Mitchell, Wellbeing Therapist

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