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The beauty of life one resolution at a time.

December 8, 2010

It’s that time of the year when we all start reflecting on life and wonder about the why’s, when’s, where’s, how’s and what’s that lurk around the corner. We may feel obliged to set ourself some goals or targets,  to make ourselves over or to give up our bad habits.  That is all good but unfortunately life is not always that simple……..

And that’s what sh**s me about these ’10 step to happiness / a new you/ a better future/ tighter body articles that are rife between now and the end of the detox month of January.  You see life is much more like this.

We wake up and think ‘I will NOT eat anything chocolate coated today’ as we pop on the kettle,  sigh at the pile of dishes on the side and grab the cocoa pops out of the cupboard.  We sip our tea thinking ‘I will not shout at the kids this morning’  only to find ourself  in the middle of world war three ten minutes later when Miss stroppy is kicking the crap out of Miss precious for not helping her find her barbie doll.  You, being tired and already late for whatever decide that the second resolution can be put on ice while you sort out this minor drama by screaming ‘what is it with you two?????   Can’t you leave each other alone and BTW get your breakfast,  do your hair, brush your teeth and MAKE YOUR LUNCHES’……

And then there is the time when…….

You really wanted to go to the gym after work but you get called into a big meeting, have to call the babysitter to get them to stay on for longer, call your husband to warn him that there will be no wife to cook dinner so could he grab pizza and by the time you get home you are knackered. Ha!

You see, life has a funny  habit of getting in the way

and that bit is usually missed by these pieces of inspiration. 

So, as you prepare to enjoy the season of excess followed by the season of depress and repress just remember one thing, you are already quite amazing and probably a damn sight more interesting that any one of those people who lap up these tips.   This is a great time for reflection but it is also a perfect time for realization and that is pretty exciting.

The only way to eat an elephant is piece by piece and so my advise is this. Give yourself the time and space you need to realize your own potential. Understand and accept the road as it unfolds before you and be thankful that you have a life so full and exciting that you can’t possibly give up chocolate, make dinner every night AND go to the gym.  What were they thinking……

Good luck.

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  1. December 8, 2010 10:48 pm

    I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks for the reminder. I hope your season of joy is a peaceful one.

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